Step Fart Her

My Big Smelly Shit

Now human toilet, listen to me very carefully! I want you to look me only at my asshole! Close! Look and hold your mouth open! Remember What is your purpose, your only purpose. To serve me like a toilet everywhere! You are nothing more to me! You are a shithole. Accept your fate slave. Clean me up! Now hold your mouth wide open! O yes, this is what you deserve – my big smelly shit! Swallow it! Do it slave! You have to clean me with your tongue!

Mistressanna-too Big Turd For Your Mouth

You are placed in my bathroom as my toilet . You cant move anywhere, because you are my toilet now! You are going to starve until I feed you with my caviar. I just had big sinner and I really need to shit. This will be the rest of your life, serving as my toilet, as you are not human anymore. But You should be very grateful, because I am a great cooker 🙂

Lil Stink Peeing, Pooting, And Plopping!!

Peein’, Pootin’, and Ploppin – the Triple P’s is one of the signatures of this site. Lil Stink is back with another great collection of toilet adventures from Home and work. Enjoy over 6 different scenes of this sexy PYT (thats pretty young thing for you unhip folks!!) handling her buisness as usual!!

Smoking Toilet

Ms. Anna gives you an up close and personal look as what its like to be her pee drinking shit eating toilet. Hows it feel to drink her pee and eat her fat logs?