Stocking Pee Phole

Slave Swallows Part 2

My slave is already lying on the floor as I enter the room. I have too poop really badly! I pull my pants down and sit straight on him and start immediately. This is a huge load! I stuff it in his mouth! He has to swallow again. He’s chewing and chewing. I have no mercy! It smells so bad. I realize that there is something else thats coming out of my perfect body: I put my finger in my throat and start puking. So wet and messy!

New Experience In Public Toilet (full Hd)

Dear Shitty Slave, I know you love so much spying in public restrooms, but unfortunately time is you have to settle for just looking at this video. First of all I am sending you a sweet kiss, then you have to be very careful to follow the shit that will be deposited in the toilet. Toilet paper is wasted, but next time will end up in your throat. Goes looking for me, now you know what to expect.

Shitting In A Wineglass

In fetish costume so sexy i shitting in a big wineglass!! A very long sausage,so near you can see in best quality……come eat my brown dessert Slave!! a delicacy of a special kind!!

Big Piss And Poop

Boy did I have to pee and always whenever a large pee comes a large poop and a wipe of course!!!