Swallow Shit From Source

Shittin On Snapchat

Begin on my phone showing off my perky tits and talking dirty as I feel the need to shit so I put the camera to my pink Pussy and fart then it begins to come out and a lot comes out! Creamy strands cone out after hard turds in a ball… I then show off what I created in perfect lighting making you want some of my shit

Crazy Chick 5

The Crazy Chick releases a big load on a plate, then she comes back, as she has not yet finished and releases some more shit.

Mistress Uma’s Toilet 3

I again use the mouth of a slave as a toilet for shit and urine. He does not resist, because if he opens his mouth for my shit, I’ll take off his a chastity belt. After which he licks my feet. And I sit down on his face.

Drenched In Piss And Ass Fisting With Fingers

Today Mistress want to try a new thing, to be fisted meanwhile she shitting in my mouth, So after she drenched me in piss and make me gag a little, swallowing almost all she got, she begun to fill my mouth with her shit and then she order me to finger her ass and get out more shit to eat. A nice close up action with kinky Godess.