Teen Poop On The Toilet

Flavorous Hole

Worship and smell my flavorous hole because you will get a lot of smelly farts.

Black Friday With Scat Girl

After shopping all day! I just wanted a nice hot shower, I hate clothes so using when I get in I start to strip. I really couldn’t hold it, as I made my way up stairs. I played it cool as my wet farts came out in my black sheer leggings. I started to feel my warm shit press against my perky anus, it felt like it was about to bus out of my phat ass! I didn’t want you to miss any of the action. So I held it just for you. As it came out my phat ass, it was so warm and wet. My warm wet shit was smashing in my leggings and running down my short thick legs. I like the way it felt, it really turned me on from the smell of my sweet poop?

Ms Jenkins Bubblebutt And Bubbleguts Assault!

Ms Jenkins has come through with her longest and arguably best collection of clips she has ever done!!! She delivers the goods in nine action packed scenes!!! She is right in the running for Best ass without a question. She?s also in the running for who makes the best shits!!! She leads the site in toilet destruction, as her water splashing plops are second to none!! Did I mention that ass!!? This 30 year old is one of my best recruits ever!! Enjoy her collection from multiple angles. Overhead, sideways, rearview, and directly behind the toilet seat. Plenty of ways to see her Chocolate Booty let out some massive Hershey Bars!