Teen Throat Fucked And Vomiting

Diarrhea Slowly Flowing In Bathtub

Mistress remaion again alone at her dungeon. She needed to shit and she feel inside a hugeee Diarrhea. she going to bathtub, and relieve a enormous quantity of Diarrhea directly into bathtub. She pissing and shitting for almost 3 minutes until she empty her bowels. Too bad her toilets were not available to can fill their mouth !!

Scat Lunch For Slave

This afternoon toilet-slave was waiting for his lunch nearly two hours under the the toilet seat, so I slap his face and spit into his mouth and tell him that now he deserves lunch time. He must lie on his back properly with mouth open directly under the toilet chair, so I can shit straight into his face. Next he has to put his head over the caviar ass and sniff it intensively. Then he can get an honor to lick the rests of caviar from his Mistress ass. I always make sure that all of the caviar is consumed and that at the end he nicely thanks his Lady for the tasty lunch he received.


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