Three Lesbian Poop

Morning Full Toilet Duties

I like to feed shit to my living toilet, every time I come up with something new. His duty is to eat all my shit, and I’ve been saving for him, but he doesn’t know it yet! I standing over him and peeing through panties in his toilet mouth. Shiting in panties and makes him eat poo with asshole and coward. The mouth of the slave as a washing machine is very convenient but not effective, for this he will be punished!

Mistress Roberta – Easter With Purple Shitty Balls

ANOTHER PERFECT EPIC MOVIE WITH GODDESS ROBERTA ! Mistress Roberta become more and more bizarre !!! Today, on Easter, she love to have some purple balls at disposal. She tie her slave, CBT HARD to his balls and cock and play with them, teasing and destroying them. She allow her toilet to clean her asshole and order him to lick her dirty asshole before she will feed him. She shit in her hose socks and she push the full sock in his mouth. Mistress Roberta allowed her toilet to stroke his shitty cock, only on Easter, as a nice reward……being her toilet for many many months ! Slave was in a hurry to cumm until Mistress countdown was finished but….cannot ! Even if his cock remain hard, with shit on it, Mistress was not completelly satisfied….Slave will remain in chastity in this case another few months !

Asmr Golden Shower

Do you know the smell of sweaty feet nylon? Do you know, what they sound like – so very close to your ear slaves? Imagine my nylon toes buzzing around your slave’s head around and you smell and breathe in the infinitely horny delicate fragrance. Here you hear my laughter and you will always hornier and hornier and always willing and willing … yes involuntarily. Likewise, I need you to bring you a hot shower. You will drink my champagne now. Lay your head back, stretching out your tongue and say loudly Ahhhhhhh …. And then this neverending jet pours on your tongue and your neck running down to the throat. COME ON SLAVE! Warmer, yellow, horny champagne of your mistress … In this asmr video even get you in the enjoyment of the magnificent sound of pee … Holy piss bubbling in your ear and makes you to think unfit. Drinking and lick and wank – Pee-slave!