Very Fat Test Women Shitting

Yoga Poop 4

4 Clips in 1. 1st Clip – Standing one leg folded, 2nd Clip – Backwards hands and feet on ground body in air, 3rd Clip – One leg in the air, 4th Clips – Balancing on hands.

Mistress Roberta – Shit Chips For Breakfast-pov

this morning you have a big amount of pee and a resonable one of shit but is going out small peaces like chips or bites so this is why i have named your breakfast shit chips so enjoy!

New Slave Introduced!

Have another and new slave taken in my care, and introduced him to my training as a perfect and obedient toilet slave! Here in Part 1 you see how I the new slave, while standing in his mouth piss and he thereafter must my cunt licked clean. In Part 2, which follows soon, pissed my Mistress girlfriend Mel-Miley, the slave another load of piss in his mouth!