Vomitting Shit Lesbian Retro

Dine And Dump 04.2017

I’m sitting on the couch, eating fast food.Mix of kfc’s and mcd’s junky food and a can of corn. I’ll shit it out in a few days for you. I hope this food will be as good coming out as it was going in.Next scene Im in the living room holding a leftover ( small piece of chicken and chicken bones) and I will shit onto this .I push and grunt, its hard to shit out this thick shit out of me, my asshole is stretch and becomes violet.

Wild Wedding Night For The Bride! – Full Movie

This is a wedding night like no other. No rose and champagne in this shit because shit is what the bride gets, literally. The nasty groom has his own way of marking his territory. Once settled in the honeymoon bed, he didn’t waste time shitting on her – her face, her hair, her face! Submissive bride takes it all in, not protesting as shit gets into her body and dress. Not satisfied with the mess, her groom calls in his groomsmen to join in on the fun. They take turns spreading shit all over the bride until she and the bed is a disgusting sight of shit and sperm.

Fresh And Hot Dungeon Slave! – Part 3

They take turns stepping on his young body, prepping him for more kinky action later. The boy begs for some mercy, which only fuel their need to dominate him.


Open you mouth slaves wide!