Watch Pissen Und Scheissen

Mistress Roberta – Yogurt Feeding And Shit Fucking-full

Today my slave will have a nice surprise . I take a bowl of yougurt put it on my pussy and everything is dropping my slave must eat so a bit of pee a bit of yougurt a bit of pussy juice all with that creamy yogurt in the and i order my slave to lick the yogurt clean off my pussy with the tongue and after i wipe it and give him the paper .After some talking i order to my pot to take the shit out of the mouth and spread it on the body play with it and after he makes himself all full with shit i come with a huge black cock -strap on and i fuck his ass and mouth hard, enjoy.

Pool Piss Party 18

Princess Nikki and Princess Amirah make the slave worship a ugly girl, well but at the end they are so nice to piss in his mouth so he will not leave with a bed taste in his mouth!

Mistress Gaia – Masterpiece Of Shit And Piss

The biggest shit you’ve ever seen in your life! You’ll see it coming out of my ass, warm and fragrant, and it’s so much that I could cover your whole body of depraved. While I am here, do you know what I want to do? I piss over the shit: you will not believe your eyes! Feel lucky to be my private toilet! The vision of this masterpiece of piss and shit together is reserved for true connoisseurs, like you.