Watching Indian Women Pee

Shit-eater Know Your Place.part 1

Gotcha! I have got him again, my Shit eater. Half a year he was running and hiding from me, but I got him! I’m not letting him out now! He’ll eat my shit in kilograms. He resisted at first, but I found a way to convince him. My strapon 24/5 without preparation entered his ass, he squeaked and asked to stop, but I was relentless and continued that this toilet mouth learned a lesson and did not dare to contradict me anymore! A big pile of shit is sitting nicely in his filthy mouth. He tried to start eating but dropped to the floor, I got mad and unfolding it, stumbles his face in shit – making him eat all, him and nothing left to do but to obey and humbly to eat and swallow again and again.

2!princess Mia

2 Video.NEW!Princess Mia9/7/2018/Chocolate cake from Mia :)Mistress Mia Toilet Slavery, Scat, LickAss,FacesittingMistress Mia Toilet Slavery, Scat, Lick Ass,Facesitting

Staxxx Can’t Get Away!!

Diva Staxxx Gotta go, but can’t get a break!! Her little friend loves to bother her when she has to go. Enjoy some hilarious banter between the two as Staxxx’s runs off to take a dump. Enjoy as Staxxx drops off a nice, wet load from behind before getting up to shake that big sexy ass of hers in front the camera before pulling her panties back up. Then enjoy as she drops a load at her mother’s house hoping not to be interrupted by her friend again. Staxxx takes a final dump at home. Enjoy as she rubs her belly while unloading. Great grunting and straining action as usual from scat queen Staxxx!!