Airy Poop Toilet

Shitty Surprise

I have told my slave that we are making a foot clip today and he is not being #used #as #toilet. He begins to lick my feet and isn’t doing well. It quickly gets too boring for me and I put my original plan into action: I tell him to lie down and of course he obeys. I squat over him with a big grin and start pooping immediately. Then he gets a large portion of piss in his mouth and over his body.Bad luck!

Oh Dear Poop En Masse

Doggy I like most about sex 🙂 And make the AA, a perfect view of the interesting things! Look closely, the A-hole is already messed up, because I have not yet begun! And then, oh dear! Is this vieeeellll AA! Horny close-up, even at the end, on the whole bunch! 1: 00min

My Pee Is Better Than Anything

My new doggie-slave, already completely dehumanized, is ready for his first test: the test of the bowl. While I pee, the doggie looser – totally blindfolded – hears the sound of my golden shower descending into his bowl. Could he drink all? I hope for him: otherwise his punishment will be tremendous!