Ara Shit Eater

Lady Katharina Shits P1

The 3 Scatqueens are using a toilet slave. It is very much peed and Lady Katharina craps a pile in the mouth of the toilet slave. The shit is nice and soft, so you need only swallow, but the toilet slave moans and really enjoys it chews and swallows by and by the pile of shit of Lady Katharina.

Pooping Adventure!

This lady has gone on a pooping adventure!!! She goes to a park, inserted enema and take a dumb right there!!! You are welcome to scoop it up (evil grin)

Domestic Slave Feeding Time

A very beautiful domestic mistress who treats her slave well with daily servings of her freshest ingredients. She seats herself comfortably and then feeds the slave with her shit and pee. She is very unwasteful because she uses a funnel for her pee, and uses tongues to help her slave consume all her sweet scat!