Brunette Schoolgirl Doessheneedtopee

Mistress Gaia – Medication For His Ball Abuse

I’m with my friend, and she has our slave by the balls tightly bound with twine. We want him to take part in the video and he will be rewarded. He can hardly refuse, as we have him by the balls so to speak. After a few tugs of persuasion, I get him to put the funnel in his mouth and tell him he’s going to drink my pee. I get my friend to tug on his balls some more, as I want to hear him squeal. Then standing over him, I pee into the funnel telling him to make sure he swallows it all. After his ball abuse medication, my friend then gives his balls a good tug as she leads him away. What a lucky bitch of a slave to have enjoyed the experience of tasting the amber nectar of Mistress Gaia…


Oxana is pooping in new panties for you!

Let Me Eat Your Shit Part2

Did the human toilet expect that much shit? Well that is of no concern to me or Lady Lisa. I dont know how I always manage to hit the aim from a distance over 2 yards. But I am glad about never missing the targetLanguage: English+German