Couple Eat Shit

Bedtime Toilet

As Sophia is heading to bed she makes a stop for a wee. Multitasking as usual, she takes care of some lingerie she’s washed in the sink as well as relieving herself. Just a few more things to do before she’s off to dreamland!

The Poop Cage Head Out Part 3

Girls Uses Man

Hi, I Am A Young Youtuber Turning Into A Scatqueen..

I am sure you´d love to eat my stinky shit…Would love to see that…

Oral Turd

I just got back from work and is very hot! Wearing a nice dress and a pair of high heels … I kept all my shit for you …. this time out one nice turd big and heavy .. you hear the sound when it falls on the floor … for one big turd i need a big dildo ? … I take one from my collection … huge … I start to play …. to lick … then I take the shit… You see if here I’m good to licking the dildo or the turd? In the end I love it so much that lying on the floor and suck the shit until I come in a strong orgasm!