Dick Piss Drink

Bodystocking Shit

The huge text in the free preview/GIF is NOT in the video. I walk in wearing a sexy black bodystocking and apologise for not shitting in front of you for so long. I know how much it turns you on. Why don’t you take your cock out and jerk off while I shit for you? You see this nice big hole in the ass of my bodystocking? I’m going to shit right through it. I get into the doggystyle position and push out quite a big load of slightly wetter than usual, soft shit. Then I show you my dirty ass and the big pile I made on the floor. I promise I won’t leave it so long before I shit in front of you again!

Toilet Slave, With Shit, Piss And Spit, Filled! Part 1

Part 1 of the Full Movie Toilet slave, with shit, piss and spit, filled! Full Movie: And another toilet slave, which I poop, a mega shit sausage in his mouth and he had to eat them. After I had the Slave, the Mega Sausage shitting in his mouth, I have him pissed in his with my shit-filled mouth! Also, I have spat in his mouth and he had to swallow everything and eat, too.

I Peed In Public To Hitch A Ride!

My car died on me and I was left in the dark highway all alone. I decided to hitch a ride but I had to do something for the drivers to notice me. So I squatted on the road and peed on the road side. Sure enough, a car stopped beside me. I got in the car and gave the driver a handjob to show my appreciation.