Drinking Nimal Piss

Cum With My Shit In Your Mouth

You’re just starving for my smelly shit, and I can’t wait to feed it to you, my toilet… I tease you for wanting it so badly, and let you watch my asshole open and close, over and over again… O God, my shit tastes so fucking sweet today, it’s a delight, and I just love stuffing your mouth with my shit… I want you to take my turd in your teeth and jerk off with my shit, cum with my shit in your mouth… it’s so delicious…

Monster Shit

I’m doing pee and shit. You will see my hairy candy pussy and sweet asshole. Do notdoing shit three days so my shit is a monster. Then I will show you my beautiful shit, I take my log in hand and tell you to lick and eat my monster poop.

In The Hand Shit..or? …

Well, my servings not really fit into a hand 🙂 Or is it? Check it out simply how much it has become well how was the consistency, I think you hand in the camera … questions, questions … 🙂 Have fun