Enema Shit Lesbian Nurse

Fantastic Diarrhea Mistress

I have toilet slave! And He is very hungry this time. Too bad for him that I have diarrhea and he is my toilet. But there is no coming back for him. He lie under my ass and I command him to lick my asshole and clean them with his tongue. His breakfast is on the way so I make him open his mouth and take all liquid shit and swallow them! His mouth is full of my nasty shit! How delicious, isn’t it? – Eat slave, eat all and say thank you to your mistress! Oh this is not all, I have to take a spit in his mouth too. -Swallow slave, lick my feet and clean my ass! He is a very good toilet and I will use him again soon.


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In Nine Months Pregnant – Ns Games

High Pregnant chick pampers her baby bump with fresh piss. It was not until I fill the piss in a measuring cup and let it run on my pregnant belly for nine months. The rest of the piss because I let my beautiful taste. Come and see me at the NS games.

I Shit In My Pants

after an enema, I shit in my pants and have a huge orgasm.Quality is not as usual, please forgive! But worth to see!