Gril Shits In Public

Three Slaver Beasts Get Stuffed With Shit

Three hungry slaves are crammed into the cell and waiting for their next feed. On Chantal’s orders, the three of them only get to eat the ladies’ toilets for a week. Miss Jane and Lady Domi piss over a funnel directly into the mouths of the slaves, their shit is fed alternately spoonfuls. The slaves acknowledge with disgusted faces and choke, yet they have resigned themselves to get nothing else and are grateful for every spoon of shit.

Well Trained To Be My Toilet Bitch

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Hot Toiletturd

A girl is doing a very long one into her toilet!!

Mistress Gaia Divine Shit

Dear my human toilet, gurda my divine shit as it comes out of my perfect ass. Contemplate on your knees and beg me to let it get to eat all soon. Do not make me wait, come on, hurry up!