Hot Girl Gets Mouth Pooped

Mistress Roberta -full Toilet Play In Livingroom

Today my pot will get a full toilet in the livingroom first i sit on his body after i pee on his entire body making a nice golden shower and after i poop in his mouth some strong pieces of shit and after i go to the bath to put some water in my ass so i clean good with an enema and fill my pot with shit, pee, pussy juices, even spit and smear them all on his body .

Bad Toilet – Humiliated

I am in the mood, and I need to shit! So I tell my slave to get behind my ass and take what comes out. After peeing the logs start to come out, but my toilet misses too much! It falls to the floor, and I am not too happy about this. He is also struggling with eating my shit! What a shame, this is the only thing I allow him to eat! So he should feel privileged by being served this delicious meal by his Goddess! But as a punishment I tell him to put the shit that he missed in his mouth.I tell him to go out on the porch, and stay there with his mouth open so everyone can see what a disgusting toilet he is! I just close the door and leave him there!

Piss And Squirt In A Bowl

Princess Nikki squirts and pisses in a bowl and orders the slave to drink all the mess!