Japannese Shitting Spy Cam Toilet

A Huge Pile Of Shit

Scat video. We are using toilet slave and made him eat our smelly shit. We humiliating him verbal and punishing him. After that, we are feeding him with our shit and make him swallow everything that falling into his mouth! He is a full toilet and this is his fate. Day after day he is eating fresh shit. I know that you want to be in his place because you are the same shit lover. We can feed you too… And finally we smearing shit onto his body. Now he looks like a huge pile of shit that stinks terribly.

Human Toilet Outdoors

I like to use my toilet in nature. I have a lot of piss and shit outdoors. To avoid clogging the nature, I use a human bio toilet designed for my waste. I stand over him so that his face is under my ass. He looks at my asshole and he is very excited. Then I filled his mouth of with delicious shit coming out of my ASS. He quickly absorbs and utilizes all. Gratefull Toilet!


Extracurricular panty-pooping! (Teacher Version).

Kinky Warden Shits On His Face!

She enters the slave’s cell and checks on his condition. The chained slave begs for her to shit on his face. She obliges, as a reward for his good behavior. After whipping him into submission, she squats over his face and unloads chunks of shit into his eager mouth.