Lesbian Fart Sniff

My Shit Eating Date

Welcome to my world! So you come here for a date with me? I have noticed you have been watching me at work every day. Especially you at looking at my ass! My door is locked, and you have no escape from me. I am going to make your dreams come through! Well, almost.. Instead of licking my ass and pussy, the only thing you will get is what is processed through my body parts.SO get on your knees behind my ass, and I will fart in your face. Smells good right? This is the pre smell of your dinner today. Now lie down, I need to shit! Watch as my huge turds comes out of my ass hole, and land in your mouth. Now eat it! This will be your daily routine at work every day form now on!

Nanny Controls Adult Baby! Part 2

PART 2 MOVIE – Nanny has FULL control of this adult baby!

Melissa Breakin’ In Her New House!!

Melissa decided to take a break from her usual public toilet descruction to allow us to peep in her home restroom as she takes her first two dumps in her new house!! I know now that guys aren?t the only ones that look forward to ?Blessing? their new toilet!! Enjoy as she props that lovely ass on her new throne for the first time!! Two great new clips, that same wonderful chocolate bubblebutt!!!

Freeway Toilet Club Part 2

This one of the Movies that saved the Website at the |Time when Sales were down so much, that Operations almost stopped. Part 2 is not as juicy as Part 1. English Subtitles