Old Man Eating Poo

Shitting In Doggy Style

In doggy style with my ass up in the air I take a very nice, big shit for you.

9th Random Toilet Chair Trip

9th random trip on the toilet chair like a spycam-kind of thing. No teasing or talking just walk up to the toilet chair, open it, pull my clothes down and use it like l use my normal toilet, pee, fart, poop. Then just wipe, close the toilet chair and leave. Sometimes l say something when its really big or hurt. Just look inside so you can see a glimpse of my face before you sit down.

Two Toilets For Shona

Shona needs to pee, and have two thirsty toilet slaves lying at her feet. She give them a clear message that they are going to be her toilet, and drink her precious nectar. She position herself over their toilet mouths, and start peeing in both of them. She continues until her bladder is empty. When she is done she see that they have missed a really lot. So she order them to start sipping it from the floor. Shona step on them, and push their head in the piss to make sure they clean the floor properly.

Bitchy Students Gang Up On New Girl And Makes Her Shit! Full Movie

The new girl is pretty and they have to mess up that face and teach her to respect her seniors! So they make her strip and they take note of her smooth porcelain skin and perky tits. They place a collar and leash on her neck and make her feel like a dog. They gang up on her and make her shit on the floor, just like a dog would!