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Almost Pooped My Pants!!

DIARRHEA URGENT Almost Pooped My Pants!!I was just about to shit in my pants I barely had time to get my pants down. The first half of this video doesn’t have the best of lighting but you can still see most everything. I shit fast and hard a made a mess on my ass.The last portion of the video is better lighting and close ups and you can see better.ENJOY EVERYONE!From your favorite redhead.

Young Girl Alina Pooping 04

Young girl Alina pooping 04

Old Man Trains To Become A Dungeon Slave! – Full Movie

This old man wants to join the slave pool, but is he up for the grueling task? These ladies are going to find out and give him some good breaking in! They subject him to all sorts of hardships. They whip his delicate body, they prod his mouth with a dildo, and they try to control his breathing. They sit on his face to see how much he is willing to take.

Disgusting Piss Abuse

Insane Filthy Lovers. Part 3

It happens time to time that you have that irresistible wish in your mind to smear yourself completely and to become unite with shit, filth and dirtand when we have such wishes – they are usually common and happen in one day and usually we fulfill them immediately without any waste of time.Two crazy bitches with their master know how to make dreams into reality, how to make into reality the dirtiest and the most extreme things which some people onlyimagine because they are not brave enough. We know dirt, shit, vomit, pain mixed with pleasure.So join to us and get joy from the things we are doing with each other, and maybe this will make you more open minded and will show you theway how to turn your own dreams and wishes into reality.Enjoy.

Ultimate Piss Punishment: Two Women Versus An Old Man! – Part 1

Upon opening the door, the unsuspecting victim is greeted by the sight of two schoolgirls, both of whom waste no time and rush inside! Before he could stop them out, one of the culprits grabs a glass and fills it with her very own piss! When it is full to the rim, she hands it over to the guy and make him gulp down every drop of it! By the time he is finished, an apparatus is immediately attached on his mouth, rendering it stretched wide open! They then lay him on the floor and take turns pissing inside the gaping hole, causing him to swallow mouthful after mouthful!

150 Swallow My Monster Shit

Extremely scat eating slave… This time there is no escape. He swallows all of my MONSTER shit

Public And Private Tinkles!!

My Girl Smoking Redd is back with a new set for the pee lovers!! Enjoy as she squats over the bowl to show her golden streams shooting out in three great scenes. Enjoy as he relieves herself both at home and at work. Enjoy as she shakes the last drips out while in a sexy twerking position!!

Self Pissing Lesbian

Shitty White Panties

I just wanted to show you how messy my panties can get. I did such a big and messy shit that I ruined my white panties. It left my ass and pussy completely shit covered.

Scat Meeting With Old Man

Meeting with a dirty old man who wanted to play with a scat slut: He shit and piss in my mouth, I licked his shitty ass and put my tongue in his asshole, he spread shit on my body, my big tits, I suck his dick and his dirty feet and I poop and pee on him …

Mistress Gaia – Are You Ready To Eat My Shit?

After the ecstatic vision of my ass, you’ll eat all my shit. I’ll make a lot of shit! Then you’ll adore my dirty ass and contemplate all its splendor, and then you’ll lick it with your tongue to clean it up. It is not enough: you also will sniff and lick the toilet paper that I will use! Why waste so much wealth?

Sandra Pee 02

Two more hot outdoor pissing scenes with Sandra and her firend.Older clip, not the best video quality, but the lowest posible price!

Emale Peephole Piercing

A Very Bad Joke To My Boyfriend!

bhauahuah im very naughty! i do a terrible joke to my boyfriend..i poo on his toothbrush and smear all on the floor! mmm what a good smell!don t lose this great clip!

Godess Shitting Into A Bowl

Another kinky shitting action from Godess when she was alone at home. She prepare a nice meal for her toilets and for her fans also.

Pervert Old Man Spiked Laxative To Friend’s Daughters Tea! – Full Movie

He invites the young girls over to his house and serves them tea and cakes and secretly pour laxative in their tea. After a while, the girls ask how they can repay his hospitality. He smiles and tells them he doesn’t need much, just their shit from their young asses. The girls were too shocked to refuse so they obey him and produce liquid shit for him to savor. He excitedly takes the poop in his hands and smear it all over his face!

Crouching Shit In The Toilet

even though I had only pooped yesterday. In the morning put it again! And THAT came out of it 🙂 I have to piss of course .. Have fun watching, including removal

En Farting In Diapers Porno

Ultimate Piss Punishment: Two Women Versus An Old Man! – Part 1

Upon opening the door, the unsuspecting victim is greeted by the sight of two schoolgirls, both of whom waste no time and rush inside! Before he could stop them out, one of the culprits grabs a glass and fills it with her very own piss! When it is full to the rim, she hands it over to the guy and make him gulp down every drop of it! By the time he is finished, an apparatus is immediately attached on his mouth, rendering it stretched wide open! They then lay him on the floor and take turns pissing inside the gaping hole, causing him to swallow mouthful after mouthful!

Huge Pile

If you want to see a really close up view of my tight black asshole letting out a HUGE pile of hot soft shit, this is the clip for you!

Poo / Shit On All Fours, Doggy Style On Paper(mp4)

The ebonyscatprincess gets on all fours, so you can eat her chocolate doggystyle.

Fisting Japanese Anal Pissin

Young Girl Dumped A Thick Piece Of Shit Into The Boy’s Mouth

Young girl dumped a thick piece of shit into the boy’s mouth

Golden Shower By Funnel

At first i cuffed my slave with a lot of bondageropes. The piggy dont wanted my golden shower but of course i wanted to piss in his ugly mouth. i opened the slavemuzzle and put the funnel inside. i pissed a very lot, and he had to drink everything

Young Princess Shitting Old Man’s Mouth

Men are nothing more than toilets. Especially the older, which no longer get high. What did you expect? What I’ll do with you? Is this supposed to be a joke ?! The only thing young attractive women with such a miserable old creature like you is to use as a Toilet or footslave! Yes you heard right You are a living toilet !!! It should be an honor to let you use me as a toilet. My shit is for you the most valuable thing in your life! Unlike lying on the cold floor and waiting with the mouth open, someone will shit you in the mouth you will never come near a young lady. The price is, that you have to eat shit. The old man in this video is also a loser! He takes great pains. He have not only shit in the mouth but also eats the shit! As a reward, he can admire my feet and sniff them. Like a dog! The greatest humiliation however is that under the psychological pressure, he must prove to me how much it is to make him honey. In this way, I realize to him how sick he really is. What normal people find abnormal, excites him. What normal man would get an orgasm on command with shit in the mouth and under long-term insults, beatings and spitting? I know you are such a sick loser. That is why you read my texts here and look at the previews a thousand times. If you watch this Video, it will fuck your brain!

Schoolgirl Showers Urine & Shit All Over His Face! – Full Movie

As punishment for skipping gym class, he orders her to come to him after class, alone. She shows up, expecting the worst. He orders her to take off her shorts and sit on his face. The shocked girl could only obey and sits her bare bottom on teacher. She rubs her ass on him and showers him with warm pee, which he drinks greedily and her shits follows.

Lesbian Hairy Pissing

Twins Perform Piss Drinking Torment On Stepfather!

Most of the life of a pair of female twins has been spent under the dictatorship of their stepfather. Now that they are working adults, they perform their revenge on him! They visit him in his home and then immediately strip him of his clothes! Before he could resist, he is laid down on the floor and one of the ladies sits on top of his face and feeds him with pussy! Shortly after, she starts pissing into his mouth, leaving him swallowing mouthful after mouthful! When she can no longer release anymore, the other sweetheart takes her place! Just like the earlier woman, she feeds him with her vagina at first! After which, she grabs a glass and fills it to the brim with her piss which she then has the old man drink! Though, it didnÂ’t end there! Still having a half-filled bladder, she sits on his mouth again and this time, directly urinates into it! Only stopping when there is nothing left for her to pee!

Shit In Hand

The toilet slave kneels behind the mistress, holding his hands under her ass. At this moment, the mistress shits the slave’s hands and in affect, the mistress pushes her head down from the slave into his shitty hands.The face of the slave is smeared with shit. Immediately the mistress has to shit again and shits for the second time in the hands of the slave. With the shitty slave hands, the mistress demands that the slave so smear his balls and his cock. Kneeling on the floor, the slave must sniff, smell and taste the shit of the mistress.

Broken Toilet 6 – Huge Breakfast In Bed

There is nothing more wonderful than having your ass licked as you push out a HUGE shit that you held for 5 days, 7 hours and 24 minutes. Yes, you read right the first time! A 5 day shit that I finally let go. I decided to give my slave Devoted Sub breakfast in bed, directly from my very fine looking asshole. Watch as he faces his biggest challenge yet! He swallowed about three quarters of my nasty, thick and creamy shit as it flowed out of my rectum. Watch me sit down on his mouth and push ANOTHER monster shit out, almost tearing my cute little asshole apart! I then sit down on his face again, enjoying the soft warmth of my creamy shit mashing into his face between my fine buttocks. After I get up he takes the rest of my nasty shit and fucks his mouth with it like a pro! Filmed from two angles to ensure you donÂ’t miss any detail of my biggest shit ever. At one part as I push that huge second one out thatÂ’s almost tearing my asshole I sit down on his mouth and push it down his throat using my rectum as I keep pushingÂ…Note: I try to upload new clips every 48 to 72 ours as far as possible xoxo

Doctor And Nurse Teamed Up To Shit And Fuck The Helpless Nurse – For Fast Download

Nurse Riku has caught nurse Mai having an affair with the married doctor so she confronted her, what she didn?t know is this doctor heard what they were arguing about so they teamed up against her. Getting her up on the table to shit for their benefit. Nurse Riku then let out a slimy fart and shit herself in her panties and pantyhose and rub it to nurse Mai’s face while laughing at her. She then rub all the shit all over her face while doctor stuff his cock in her mouth and she started sucking it. Nurse Riku continues to humiliate poor Mai by rubbing more shit on her pretty face, the shit is all over the floor, while doctor busy himself inserting his tiny dick into Mai’s vagina fucking her hard while Nurse Riku shitting on her face again then. The doctor finishes inside her and Riku kissing her poor friend Mai.***Small version for fast download***

Public Pooping Compilation

Our Teacher Is A Toilet Slave

For years we have been using this lecherous newt as a toilet, the old bag is unconditionally devoted to us. As a teacher he failed, as a slave he is much more useful to us. I am in the classroom with Jane a little earlier, together we prepare his breakfast which consists of shit, snot and piss. He can eat it all right in front of us. Old man always does what we tell him to, so school is fun.

Oxana Delicious Shit

Oxana is pooping for you today a delicious shit in sexy red tights!

Zelda’s Got A.s.s. – Astonishing Scat Seduction!!!

ThereÂ’s something about Zelda!!! Her latest clips are on FIRE!!!! SheÂ’s got a wonderful petite frame, with a perfect ass to match!! Pair that with the wonderful treats falling out of said ass and her wonderful personality = A.S.S.!!! Zelda is hands down my hottest FUNKY lady of the moment and this does nothing to stop her momementum!! Four Great clips of EFRO at itÂ’s best!!

Pooping Sideways At Work!

Ok I’m always pooping at work but today I decided to give you guys another view! Watch me shit on the toilet with one of my ass cheeks on the bowl and the other one raised so you can get a clear view of my big fat turd coming out…so sexy!!!

Peeing Outdoor Pussy Ass

Bad Santas Scat Compilation! In Rosella’s Christmas Bakery!

In my Christmas bakery, there are many treats for toilet slaves! First, I shit and piss as Bad Santa, POV in a toilet bowl! Here you see how I am sitting on the toilet and make a killer shit and piss in the toilet bowl! You can see that from 2 camera perspectives, also taken from the toilet bowl and you really have the feeling that you. with wide open mouth. lies under my horny, pooping asshole and receives my divine shit and piss! Then I bake Christmas biscuits for my toilet slaves. Of course, my toilet slaves get a special chocolate on the biscuits! They get Santa-Rosella’s Schoki, fresh from my ass on the biscuits, they know what’s good! Then there will be your Christmas dinner! A big shit sausage, inserted in piss! For that I shit and piss on a plate, a mega-shit sausage and a mega load of piss! You can see that from 3 camera angles

Pervert Old Man Spiked Laxative To Friend’s Daughters Tea! – Part 2

He excitedly takes the poop in his hands and smear it all over his face! Then he scoops some and makes the girls eat their own shit! The girls vomit all over the floor in disgust!

Good Morning Kv For T

Yes, you may have her go because you want to go to work .. then hit either, so again pants down and shit. I poop directly into a plastic box, you may have her directly in the freezer. Of course, I think you can under the vollgekackte the camera!