Ose Up Shit Bum

Riding And Pissing On A Dildo

Dressed in a fishnet body stockings, riding a suction cup dildo on the floor, fingering my cunt hard and pissing a lot!

Poo Spread On My French Bread!

It’s early in the morning time for class but I have to take a poo first and just in time I was just about to enjoy some bread for a quick snack and now I have delicious green and brown poo and I get a close up of all the action!

Mistress Gaia – My Shit Is Here Waiting For You

I do not admit delays! When a slave makes me wait, I know well how to punish him. In this case, instead of enjoying my shit warm and soft just out of my ass, the toilet slave will have to settle my shit cold and hard, even more smelly, locked in a container. Be warned: arrive when you want, my shit is here waiting for you!