Piss And Shit In His Mouth

Pissing, Shitting And Smearing

I am fully naked and I squat to play with my pussy and gape my asshole. Then I turn around and piss on the floor making a puddle of my sweet pee. I keep peeing a little and take a little shit. When a few pieces of shit are out, I turn around and show them close to the camera. I put them on the floor and sit on them, rubbing my ass against my shit and pee on the floor. Then I take my shit in my hand and smear it over my pussy. ItÂ’s a nice, wet and messy video!

Shitting In The Mouth

I love the shit in your mouth slave. Today I cooked dinner for you, my toilet. You must to eat all the shit. Otherwise, Mistress Nikole will not use you as a toilet. You have to swallow it quickly and easily. So good.

Kinky Man Playing With His Scat Loving Slut

Kinky man playing with his scat loving slut

Chocolate Shit Shake Just For You (avi)

Are you thirsty? The Ebony Scat Princess is feeling generous today, she is going to make you nice scat shake right from her beautiful round ass. And then serves it up for you to drink it on down.