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Dangerous Moment

I’m on my bed I’m reading my Kindle when a painful belly sickness let me complain … the reading is very interesting I don’t want go to the toilet … but my belly it’s soooo sick does not wait … what will happen? Oh my god a strong huge soft shit come out on my bed! I need to go to the floor and poo In my green carafe! You can see my ass dirty… my smelly and dirty bed… What a fantastic poo session!

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She is lying on the bed.She looks so tasty with that boobs!!! I wanna have her right now.I start kissing her sweet legs,touching her big boobs and I’m getting so excited!Can’t wait to have fun with her.She stands up from the bed hurrying to the toilet but I stop her!Its the best time to have our dirty, messy, kinky stuff because I have not poop either…

Toilet Full Of Fresh Shit From Hot Blonde College Girl Rayan

Toilet full of fresh shit from hot blonde college girl Rayan