Piss In Friends Mouth

My Toilet Slave Drink All Ep.6

We arrived at the end of the slave toilet training path as far as the golden rain.In this wonderful episode Mistress Giorgia Divine decides that for his slave training is over: now the slave must drink and swallow the golden rain of his mistress.Obviously stark naked lying on the floor in the bathroom, the mistress comes and crushes the slave’s penis with the shoe to show the slave that she has total control….It lowers on the slave’s face and begins a countdown prior to piss: suddenly starts an abundant piss on more jets: the slave swallows hard all that pisses. The Mistress ago then close the mouth to the slave and continues to piss on the face, letting the rain inside the nose so that the slave hard to breathe! After the piss, as the Mistress now of habit she dries her pussy with toilet paper and orders his slave to open the toilet for stuffing them with the used toilet paper.Of course at this point the Mistress begins to fill with spit his slave in the face, on him, on the penis ….In the end Mistress gives the slave a chance to masturbate to orgasm, the toilet slave has to do it while with the shoe Mistress crushes balls! Fantastic Mistress !!!

Swallowing, Eating, Swallowing

Really nice used is our toilet slave. Miss Jane can get over the slaves mouth in the last second, before she empties her overflowing bladder. The toilet is drinking as fast as it can, but at this level it passes over and must sip the rest from the bottom. Then he is used as a toilet, I shit in his mouth, spit and piss. Because he did not swallow fast enough, I punish the loser with fierce kicks to his balls.

Katherine’s Unexpected Battleshits

Katherine had to relieve herself at work. Just it looks like she wasn’t the only one to have a bad lunch!! You get to enjoy Katherine’s shitting and farting while also listening to the woman in the next stall over blow it out her ass at the same time!! This is damn near a two-for-one special!! It was like Harold and Kumar in there!!! Katherine was sinking Destroyers, but so was her neighbor!! A unexpected bonus!!!

Late Afternoon Bed Poop

Girl uses Man as her Toilet