Piss Tiffany Mynx

Perverse-piss-excesses In The Love Swing! Part2

Here I was put in a love swing and fixed! Then a tube, with a funnel, was introduced into my cunt! Then several guys pissed successively into the funnel and filled my pussy, with her piss. The hose was always pulled out of my cunt when it was full and the funnel overflowed. So that nothing of the piss was lost, they have with their finger the hose, held over my face and mouth and the piss from the funnel, run into my face as well as mouth! The men’s piss in my pussy, ran out of my pussy hole. Here in the second part, the next two guys filled me with their piss!

Shit Dinner

Such a meal is liked by my slave. First I shit in his mouth, then he gets a whole load of Miss Jane also. With a little help this inexperienced pig swallows almost the whole portion. The rest he could lick off the floor next to our snot.In between we whip him, and his back I scratch with my sharp pointy fingernails. As a little souvenir from me. *smile*

Uro And Scato At Double With 2 Dommes

My mistress want to surprise me and call her good friend to use me both of them sametime, and humiliate me in front of her.i accepted my fate and receiving their piss directly in my throat one after another, drink it, then both shitting in my open mouth sametime 🙂 No sound today, because they laugh too much and make jokes about this kinky situation. We are waiting for requests if somebody want something with us. Enjoy the double piss and shitting video in FULL HD:)

Loving The Stuggle

Preparing 2 Easter eggs for one of my fans. Sometimes it a little hard to lay eggs but someone has to help the Easter Bunny!There is lots of pushing, stretching, and a little cream with a close of view.