Pooping And Anal Sex

Shit Mix

Two different mornings of shitting … Imagine what would be if you were my toilet . You would have to eat all of these huge thick shits ! And after that, you would clean my ass with your tongue, like Toilet Paper. Although I have not used the toilet for 2 years, my slave usually plays the role of the toilet in my life. Just watch and imagine yourself my slave! NOW! Open your mouth wider! Looking for someone to eat that and clean me …

Queen Bee’s Smoking, Shitting, And Chatting!!

Queen Bee is back with another sexy ASSault on her toilet bowl!!! Enjoy As she drops FUNKY loads in three scenes. One from extreme closeup behind the bowl. Then another nice rearview angle. In the finale enjoy as she takes a smoking poop break after she gets home from work. Enjoy a hilarious convo with her boyfriend as she has a recap of her day. He wants her to do him a favor but she tells him she is too busy “taking a Boo-boo”! Some wonderful logs and wonderfull view of this sexy ladies sexy physique!!

Punishment Of The Slave – Shit In His Mouth P1

Mistress Michelle shits a big pile in the mouth of the toilet slave.