Sexy Minx Mackenzee Pierce Slammed In The Pooper

Mistress Roberta – Shit Glazed Socks-pov

Today slave i have a fresh poop in an plastic bowl and i plan to glaze my white soks with the shit in the bowl and make you eat the shit from them so i first put one foot in and start to get dirty on both socks and mesmerise you with my shit glazed socks !

Malaysia’s New Pileup!!!

I swear I’ma have to say this super loud – Y’ALL NEED TO STOP SLEEPING ON MALAYSIA!!!! I swear fo’ god this girl is the most action packed natural toilet pooper this side of Ms D!! Real talk I don’t even think Ms D produces the consistent Monster solid logs this Blasian hotty does!!! She’s been super busy, but is back with Three action packed clips of her usual Ploptastic excellence!!! Enjoy two clips of great solids, and then a looser dump in between. She continues to make claim as one of the best!!!

Erica’s Golden Drinker Slave

Dom Erica has her sub that loves her golden nectar…he is at times unruly therefore leashed and masked.He is her chosen one to drink her Golden Nectar and is told what to do and obeys as she tells him not to waste a drop and to clean her up with his tongue.

Polish Sausage Pushed Out And Pissing

At the weekend I was at the Mongols eating delicious. And out comes a beautifully shaped, creamy sausage. You should you must see, as I sit in front of the camera in my high heels and my asshole slowly expands 😉 After I pushed out the sausage, I will continue to flow to the toilet and my champagne to top it still comes after a small chocolate sausage.