Shit Foursome

Lady Yuna – New Toilet Chair

Watch me while I shit my slave directly into his open mouth. Thereby I sit on a chair with a big opening. The head of my slave is directly below. Since the amount is extremely large, I cover his complete face with my shit.

Came So Hard After Pooping

This is me pooping my white lace panties for the first time. I really had to poop bad and it felt so good and then feeling all that beautiful poop all over my bottom really made me hot. I push the panties back into my butt and pull them out and push them back in letting you really see my butt and the panties. It really is hot and I wanted to cum so bad…..I really got into it and made my pussy cum hard. ENJOY EVERYONE!From your favorite redhead!

Toilet Slave

Mistress Martina great Chinese master, slaves today do the toilet. Afraid of slave revolt, tied with rope. Directly ordered to eat shit.