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Mistress Mia 24/7/2018(full Version)

24/7/2018.Toilet Slavery, Scat, Lick Ass, Lick pussy, SmearingAfter a long absence, Miya returns again! The slave misses his Mistress very much! Did you miss me? You want to look at the elastic and succulent forms of the dear Lady. Then get it! She is ready to show how it is, to truly be Mistress. Carrot and stick! She and tortures the slave and gives pleasure, allowing him to feel on his face a dirty and sweet ass. Miya has fun with the slave, she is played with a slave. The slave was so bored that he almost ate all the shit and licked her ass. Her chocolate is delicious! Take a look yourself!

Slacking Toilet Slave Drink My 2 Week Old Pee

Here you are you toilet slave. Where the fuck have you been in the last weeks? I don’t want to hear you fucking excuses! All this liquid gold wasted because of you, because you were not there for me! Now if you want to be my toilet slave again you will have to drink this 2 week old pee that I kept for you while you were not there. It’s so disgusting! There is some white stuff floating on top and some brown deposits on the bottom of the glass bottle. I hope you are thirsty, toilet hole. Lay down on the floor and open your mouth. I’m gonna put this fennel in your toilet hole and you are gonna drink my pee until the last drop. And you are gonna thank me for it.In this clip I make you drink my 2 week old pee that I kept in a mason jar. The smell is disgusting, I’ve never smelled somthing as bad as this before (and yes, it was real pee in the bottle so my reaction to the smell is real). Then I start laughing at you, go get a camera, take pics of your pathetic self covered with my smelly pee and I tell you I’m gonna post this all over the internet. I remove my shorts, show you my ass, remind you of what you will have to do for me. Then I give you a nice treat. I pee in a glass cup right in front of you and I make you drink my fresh warm piss.

Beatrix Hot Shit!!

What a beautie and what a hot turd comes out of that sweet ass!!

Feeding Time Wmv

Ms. Xrated feeds her pig a nice helping of grade A shit