Shitting Singapore

Shit Mix

Two different mornings of shitting … Imagine what would be if you were my toilet . You would have to eat all of these huge thick shits ! And after that, you would clean my ass with your tongue, like Toilet Paper. Although I have not used the toilet for 2 years, my slave usually plays the role of the toilet in my life. Just watch and imagine yourself my slave! NOW! Open your mouth wider! Looking for someone to eat that and clean me …

Alina Liquid Pooping And Dancing On Slave

Alina liquid pooping and dancing on slave

Poop In A Pee Shoot!

This movie started out as a short wetting clip, but the camera man got more than he bargained for this time!After holding on for hours getting my bladder nice and full, I really couldn’t tell any more if the desperation was coming from needing to pee or needing to poop. After a minute or so of holding my bursting bladder in the shower, I finally couldn’t hold on any more and let it all go, soaking my jeans.Taking my wet jeans off (still in the shower) I got on my hands and knees and poked my bum up in the air for the camera to get a good view of my wet panties. Maybe it was the position I got into, or maybe just the moving around, but it was at this point, with my bum poked high up in the air, that I realized I seriously had needed to poop all along. It just started coming out on it’s own, even tensing up didn’t help, and then a HUGE (and I mean HUGE!) poop, slid it’s way into my panties!I could feel my panties stretching out to accommodate this enormous bulge that had just filled them, but I had no idea quite how big it was until I slid my hands between my legs to feel it. OMG it’s HUGE! It even pulled the leg bands of my panties away from my legs!By now I’m feeling so hot. I’m not caring that this is not what was intended for the clip. I run my hand over my full panties, my pussy dripping with excitement. On my hands and knees I slip my fingers in to my filthy panties and begin to masturbate!This clip also includes great footage of after I’m done having dirty fun. As it was not planned I didn’t have the usual wetty wipes at hand to clean up the big mess I’d made. Taking off my panties, and dumping the contents in to the toilet, I reached to get some toilet paper to clean up the escaped poops from the shower – there’s none! Just a couple of empty rolls! Plan B … empty toilet paper holders could make an awesome poop scoop! Using my new found poop scoop I clean up the shower before getting back in to it to clean my extremely dirty bum!