Shitting Woman Outdoor

Swallow My Spit And Pee P2

Now Lady Marie has to pee and use both slaves for it. She gives a short order and shortly after the toiletslaves are lying on the floor with a wide open mouth. Lady Marie has to pee urgently and starts to pee into the first mouth. Then she changes the slave mouth and fills up the other slave with her piss. All Ladies are waiting then at the next room. The slaves comes in and Lady Angie is the first Lady who takes a slave to fill up his mouth with her piss comfortable on a toilet seat specially built for toilet slaves.

208 Mistr Isabella Scat And Fans

208 This is a fetish and SCAT video with my slave Coccorocco during his holydays here in Sardinia by me. This is a situation video, video of 43 min, but speaking in Italian Language, but intresting for all stranger because some things happen, pissing, eating, scat, uniliation…. the light is not so good, i need a diffuser????? because the light is to much and from the down, so i do not like me in this video. But the video is TRUE, exiting and very long. MP4

1 Video With My Shit Chair

A new toy has moved 🙂 A very old wood shit chair:-) Today I have for the first time sat in it and shit. Of course I did recorded on a video 🙂 Hope you like it!

Amateur Brunette Loves Enema And Shit Games

Amateur brunette loves enema and shit games