Spanking Panty Poop

Delicious Shit

So I am at it once again and this time I had been speaking to a neighbor friend of mine…I have been working on her for a while and was really surprised when I got the text message earlier today that said…Hey did you still want to do that? Bc I feel something right now and Ill do it I Immediately went to her house and she invited me into her bedroom…i was literally shocked this was actually happening!!!! But This was the best tasting shit Ive ever bitten into…it was the kind that you just want to keep tasting and chewing…I swallowed so much of it (youll see a few swallows)and cum soo soooo hard…I also for the first time rubbed some of her shit on my cock as I was swallowing another mouthful, and began cumming.

Malaysia’s 4th Of July Bombs!!

Malaysia is back with EVEN MORE megalogs and water splashing peeing and ploppage!! Two great new clips!! She ate good over this 4th of July Weekend, and she sent in two Extra splacktackular clips!! She really puts out some monsters in the 1st clip as she bends forward to push them out. Then enjoy another great reverse kanga as you can watch her “Peek-a-Boo” Stamp as she booboo’s!! Some real serious back splashers!! Great Grunting and Straining as Well!! Malaysia is seriously the queen on plops in 2016 right now!!

Ayanna’s Showing Off!!

Ayanna is back with two great FUNKY clips!! My most prolific model is back with two great clips! Enjoy as she shows her ass literally before spreading her legs nice and wide to push out some nice logs!! She actually pushes out a nice airy fart in the first scene right in front the camera before sitting down. Then enjoy her grunting and straining before a nice long wiping session. Enjoy as she teases you with her dirty toilet paper as well!! She must have to wipe like 1000 times to get it out!! But then again this girl really digs for gold when she goes to wipe her ass!! Another great GPS adventure!!

Piss Drink 32

When Bizarr Lady Jessica goes by the house, she notices, the domestic pig Joschi creeps behind her around. He begs to drink the divine empress around something because he was already for days had by her at the dry one. The tall fair-haired ruler shows herself merciful and sends him a little refreshment her piss. She moves by the room and lets a couple of drops of her golden nectar again and again drop from her twat to the ground. This always must after her and Joschi, of the ground lap up.