Torture Pee Hole

Goddess Anita At Her Comeback – Another Angle Phone Camera

Mistress Anita is back in business after almost 40 days of absence.She call her toilet slave and put him in a hosiery cocoon to beat him, and humiliate him. Then she deliver her huge shit directly through her pantyhose, in slave mouth. She feeding him, spitting in his mouth and order him to cumm with her shit in mouth ! Slave cumming so hard when he chew and swallowed his Goddess kaviar. This movie was recorded with phone from a lower position, another different angle from the original camera, you can see the shitty action from another great angle.

Shit Eating In A Threesome With 2 Toilets

Goddess was in a great mood today. She call both her toilet slaves and order them to be ready for a hard session with EVERYTHING inside ! She tied their cock and balls, then put them to suck her asshole and lick her pussy lips, both, sametime ! After that she order them to suck each other and fuck them in the ass with her strapon. She spitting and spanking them meanwhile she enjoy the bisexuality view from them. She order them at the end to take their places under her pussy and asshole and clean her and lick her before starting to use their mouth for her DIRTIEST pleasures – full toilet !!! She fill their mouths with hot piss and they thanks for that golden shower. Last meal was, of course, a suculent meal with shit, both slaves taking a huge shitty Diarrhea into their mouths. They chew and swallow while Goddess close their mouths with her hands. At the end slaves kiss each other with Goddess shit on their lips and one of them cumming in Goddess had to complete the meal for other.

The Mask Part 7 Samantha

Here we have a Movie that was very heavy on our Slave. The Rock Toilet weights 12 KG plus the Girl around 50 KG and then the Slave left with the Option swallow fast or not breath, which created big Problems, but at the End The Slave won by swallowing all and fast. A Camera is mounted in the Back of this Toilet and shows clearly what happens inside. English Subtitles

Only A Little Scat

I have fun in the bathtub with my shit in my face, but then I need more shit and the camera guy helps out.Very messy action.