Training Toilet Slave

Bathtube Shit

I enjoy a big hard shit into bathtube! Why don’t you lay down and enjoy it too? 😉

2 Goddesses Shit In The Slave’s Mouth

My girlfriend visited me. I told her about my living toilets and that there are actually human whose sole purpose is to serve me as a toilet and eat shit. And pay for it, too. She wanted to give it a try. We have a few days delicious at the expense of some slaves amused. One of them gets shit from all sides. But not only that! I called the toilet because we both had to shit. First I shit (pajama pants, barefoot) him in the morning right after getting up in the mouth. An extremely thick and fat shit pile! After that, my girlfriend and I have breakfast. We enjoy our delicious food while the slave is busy swallowing my shit. Next, my girlfriend (black nylon pantyhose, high heels) shit. As a matter of course, she also uses the slave and shits it in his mouth as well. On top of my shit pile. Since this is her first time, she seems to be feeling sick. Therefore, she puking the slave in addition, right in his face!

‘peeing In Red Jeans And On Myself’

I first pee in my red jeans. Then I wet my bra and top and put them back on. I also pee on myself with the same acrobatics as in the video where I peed over my face. I soak up the pee with my socks and pants and I lie down in it. In the end I pee some more through my pants. My pants get very wet and I was quite horny and excited after making the video so I made another video right away. Enjoy!

Close The Lid On The Toilet Slave Part 6

Here the Girls put the Toilet Guy rather Underground to avoid the Smell, This Way he can enjoy the Poop all by himself. Part 6. English Subtitles