Bukake Cum Piss

Just A Poo

Just a naughty girl pooing on the floor .. quick dump to satisy my kink for the day .

Shit Out Of My Bathtub

I am sitting of the edge of my bathtub and my slave is lying on the floor. Watch me shitting a huge load directly into his mouth. In the final I give him a short face sitting. You’d like to be in his place.This video was filmed with 2 cameras. You can see the moment of shit coming out of my asshole from 2 different perspectives

Prisoner Of Goddess Is Fed With Shit!

My toilets slave is bound as a Prisoner and then fed and punished with my shit! I had to shit urgently. Since the toilet failed last time and did not swallow everything, he must be punished now. His lesson: This time he is bondage to a chair. Then I’ll shit a big portion of shit in his wife’s plate! With cutlery I put the shit in his mouth! In between he swallow my piss. In the end everything was eaten. Also the dirty shit toilet paper, which I clean my asshole.

Scat Cats Day1 P3

Slowly the toilet slave has managed and swallowed the giant turd of Lady Kimi, good thing, because now Lady Domi has yet to shit and piss. She uses the toilet seat and the slave groans, so much shit is even for an experienced shit eater almost too much. But the slave has nothing to say, he just has to open his toilet mouth and everything to swallow. He has nothing more to do. There’s also spit for dessert, hahaha