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Eat My Shit Slave

Do you like my round curvy ass in red latex ?Then this movie is perfect for you. I piss and shit my slave in he`s mouth . He`s under my toiletchair.I wear long boots, and gloves to feed him Cannot escape. I dont care if he vomit. Its dirty. Just how you like it, right 😉

Scat And Pee On Potty Chair

Welcome back toilets! The lovely Mistress Emily returns to give you another sexy, delicious treat! Enjoy as she is glad your here as you are needed to collect her new scat release. She teases you for a while, sticking her wonderfully huge ass all in your face. Then wants you see into her beautiful asshole. Then she escorts you to your place to collect what she has to offer. Get Ready toilets! Another delicious load of Mistress Emily goodies with shit and nice warm splash of golden nectar to lick it!

Urgent Load From Hell-almost Didn’t Get Pants Off

I had to let go so desperately I was groundhoggin the entire way to the bathroom holding my other hand to my ass just to make sure if anything escaped it didn’t hit the floor before i got all the way to the bathroom. This was the biggest load Ive dropped in – I cant remember how long!!! It felt so good to releive myself of that enormous turd! This was the shit I expected the other day when I was grunting and groaning in the birthing position!!! My video called HUGE PULSING PROLAPSE Full Rosebud is over 5 minutes long!! I poo little hard turds even though it’s felt like I had to go soooo badly! I am laying in the birthing position and pushing and pushing and have a HUGE PULSING PROLAPSED beautiful rosebud! I hadn’t been feeling well and hadn’t been eating much but I felt like I needed to take the biggest poop!! My belly felt really full so I got in the birthing position and push and push and my entire rosebud shows herself and pulses in and out for you. It’s so amazing! I even finger my own butthole trying to stimulate more poop to come out. THIS video Is the next day though that all the poop finally came out. And boy was it rushing out! This poop really snuck up on me andI almost pooped my pants on the way in the door! It’s a nice big huge load! And oh did it feel so good to release!

Morning Shitting In Potty

I like to heap the potty 🙂 I got up in the morning and I want to shit in my potty. Love to sit and smoke ecig on the potty, the more I feel like shit.