Girl Rubbing Her Face In Shit

Gag Choke Spit Up Shit

i begin to strip in front of you nasty boy,then i spread my ass and poop in my pantyafter, i put my poop in my mouth and deep throat and Gap on itspit and vomit alil with my scat cuz i put my poopy fingers down my throat so farwhile i look in the camera mmm this is my nastiest video so far nasty boy

Swallow My Spit,pee And Scat P2

The KV Mistresses enjoy it to see how the slave chew the shit from Lady Katharina. Lady Marie comes and stick the other pieces of shit back into his mouth. Suppenly the shit splash out of his mouth and all ladies go in cover. They laugh but the slave has to swallow regardless the rest of the turd and the ladies urge him to swallowing anything.

Punished Plumber

Silly perverted plumber, he brought his camera to spy on Mistress Mystique in the bathroom when he is supposed to be fixing Her sink. After a thorough beating, She orders him down and fed him Her shit. Honestly, I think the loser was all too happy to finally be exposed and used as Mistress’ toilet.