Hidden Toilert Cam Girls Pooping

Hand To Mouth Shit Feed

I don’t like touching my own shit because let’s face it, it’s shit and it’s gross. It’s also far beneath me to touch it. I LOVE however seeing my shit in a slave’s mouth. Watch how I take a thick and firm shit into a plate. When my slave came back from the errands I sent him on he stands on his knees as I inform him my asshole is still dirty and needs to be licked clean by him. Watch him eat my dirty ass desperately just to please me. Afterwards he gets rewarded by me taking my own shit with my hand and stuffing it into his mouth. Just to make sure he doesn’t get idea’s I firmly push my hand onto his shit filled mouth making sure it stays in there “melting” slowly. Just another sadistic day in the live of a slave serving Goddess Tempest. Note: I will try as far as possible to upload new video clips every 48 to 72 hours. Xoxo

Toilet Slave Punishment P2 Hd Version

Now he is already there to the toilet slave, in position and surrounded by three Scatqueens which animate him to eat the poop and swallow the piss. Then it goes quickly, Lady Lucy bends over his slave mouth and shits. The soft shit lays directly into his mouth. He’s starting to chew and swallow Lady Lucy’s shit. Immediately thereafter, Lady Domi is at his toilets mouth and stuffs him from the tray their shit into his toilets mouth.

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