Piss From Under Dress

2 Times, Men Piss, Swallowed! Extreme, Swallowing Of Piss!

At my GangBang on 10.11.18 in Emmen, the men were allowed to fuck me not only my holes extremely and fill me with sperm, but they were allowed to piss me in my mouth. Here piss me, 2 men, one after another, in my mouth and I have liter wise, swallowed her yellow and spicy piss!

My Slave Must Drink Pee And Lick My Ass

My slave needs an education and I would like to be spoiled again. So I combine both.First, I’m getting relief. My bulging bladder I empty on the hot sow. His cock gets a nice shower with my pee. I piss the rest in his wide open mouth. After this foreplay comes the pampering unit: he has to lick my ass. Deep down the slave has to stick his tongue. Yeah, I like that.

Here Comes The Sausage For Frank

Before breakfast, I need space in my gut! I’ve been wearing this for two days now! Now I’ll release YOU! Look what I’m going to bring to the world … and you can give her a new home, Frank!