Toilette Humiliation 58

Jonas must himself on order of his mistress Bizarr Lady Jessica on the toilet with its piss wash the loo water’s his face and his hair. The Fetish-Queen pretends to be with legs apart over its head and lets its yellow waterfall bubble from its twat on the face from Jonas only in such a way. After that she still distributes beautifully everything with the toilet broom on his head. Als Abschluss steckt sie seinen Kopf ganz tief in die Muschel und lässt die Spülung runter.As a completion she puts his head into the mussel very deeply and the flush lets down.

Toilette Humiliation  58

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Toilette Humiliation 67

Bizarr Lady Jessica must go urgently to the toilet. But she does not have to state, this the toilet is not cleaned again, good enough for her divine arse. Simply to pee in bulk about in the toilet on this the sadistic Fetish-Queen therefore decides. It spreads the legs, goes and stands with the legs apart to and pisses in a high bend and with a broad beam in circling movements all the way around on all walls of the toilet and the ground. It has after from pissed, it calls for its Houseslave of Jonas and orders it to clean everything, as a punishment because, before, it has not cleaned the toilet correctly. Jonas must lacquer the great ones first directly of the ground lap up and need rags and buckets to clean the rest then away.

Toilette Humiliation  67

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Toilette Humiliation 34

Soup from the toilet with piss!Bizarrlady Jessica a soup cooks itself and firm, this put these burntly again is. But for her domestic pig Joschi is certainly good enough. She calls for it and hunger asks it whether he has. Joschi affirms and the divine empress goes with the pot from the kitchen. Joschi after and you immediately go on on the knees. Lady Jessica goes with the pot on the toilet, what is following now suspects Joschi. She pours the soup from the pot directly into the toilet mussel. Joschi then starts to spoon up the soup from the loo mussel with a large spoon. Lady Jessica tells it “good appetite!” and Joschi still thanks you for the honour of a soup served befitting social standing for it so marvellously. It answers only “yes my goddess!” on the question whether it likes it, . it has hardly eaten everything up from the mussel, it pours soup from the pot again, too after. It then says: This can be ” I a little salt this in the soup have?forgotten ” . and lasting Joschi which its salt gets at once further eats goodly, goes and stands with legs apart Jessica over the loo mussel and says to for it. How a waterfall pees it its bladder into the loo mussel then empty. The yellow of its piss mixes with the yellow of the soup and Joschi must further eat. Joschi spoons up the soup Vienna with the piss into itself a real gourmet. Finally the divine empress still pushes its head deeply into the mussel and the flush lets down with its head inside.

Toilette Humiliation  34

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Toilette Humiliation 84

The sadistic fair-haired brat Princess Paris and the merciless young mistress Lea use Joschis face and head as cloths for their dirty toilet mussel. You dip its head very deeply into the mussel and push the flush. You distribute toilet cleaning agent on the mussel edge and makes Joschi clean everything with its tongue. Then they still snap the toilet lid shut, let the flush down once again and rub the dirt with his face in all places in the mussel cleanly. And this makes fun to the two super sadistic, pitiless hard-boiled young girls.

Toilette Humiliation  84

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Toilette Humiliation 55

Toilet Humiliation of the extra class! Bizarr Lady Jessica sits on de loo and eats a bread when its slave Joschi angekrochen comes. He begs to eat something of the bread. And of course a cruelty immediately occurs to the fiendish bizarre Mistress again. It orders to Joschi with the piece of bread of it to clean the toilet. So Dirty slave Joschi needs to clean the toilet mussel with the bread slice everywhere. Lady then still discovers Jessica this below in the loo put remains of her last KV cargo load. This orders immediately to clean it to him also there, the bread beautifully a little still befits from this. Joschi cleans with the bread below in the shit around and then pulls it out of the loo water deeply brownly with a shit covered. The bread on and then still bizarre Lady orders it Jessica to eat up.

Toilette Humiliation  55

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Toilette Humiliation 97

Wants Joschi got nothing to eat for days and noticed how his mistress Princess Diavola their remains disposed of from the previous day in the toilet. Immediately, he crawls over to her and begs to be allowed to eat the remains of at least. The arrogant young dark Princess eats with relish before his eyes a bit and then has mercy on him. Joschi may eat: the remains of shellfish from the toilet. Siw throws the pieces of pizza in the shell and commands it Joschi eat. It expresses the cruel sadist nor his head with her shoe deep into the toilet shell. She spits a few times as a seasoning it and finally she realizes that she needs to pee. Since Joschi is ever just because that just increases gipsy mistress about him and pees on his head in the toilet-shell. Then have dirty mouth Joschi must also eat at their command, of course, also continue, the pizza with the piss out of the toilet-shell. Flushes to complete his satanic young lady still with the toilet flushing the head.

Toilette Humiliation  97

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Toilette Humiliation 66

The toilet of Bizarre Lady Jessica is clog up. She therefore calls for her hitting slave of Jonas. The cruel ruler orders him to clear up the blockage with her hand in the loo below. Jonas kneels down and puts his hand up to the goes down no longer deeply into the loo water up to the channel. The shitting remains of the shit of the divine empress still swim in the toilet above.

Toilette Humiliation  66

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Toilette Humiliation 92

Ultimate humiliation! Real!Latrinenknecht Joschi is in the disco toilet humiliated by the real ladiesHanna and Princess Diabolaa. The two young cruel sadists make their slaves to clean the dirty men all over the disco toilet. First, the brush with Joschi abestandener Männerpisse flooded bathroom floor with toilet paper shreds. Then they order him to lick the piss floor with his tongue. Press his head with her high heels firmly into the Pissioar. The unbearable stench of rancid Männerpisse deposited dirt and leaves him almost vomit. Humiliation to all come to even a few male visitors to the disco events, the more verbally humiliate him and taunt. One even peed Joschi while licking the latrine, still in the Pissioar.

Toilette Humiliation  92

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